We are electro engineers, co-operating with Swedish renowned universities and we have a profound knowledge about physically designing a cable to avoid malignant sonic behavior. Just have a quick look at our cables and you will understand - not a mysterious box nor a battery on any of our products. We do not need to compensate, it is sonically benign already from the start. And, we listen to music, not sound! As a Supra Cable owner you should experience a significant improvement of the musical properties and never again experience a HDMI cable that will not sync even though you are well within alleged specifications. Visit your local dealer, ask to borrow a set, preferably during a weekend and dive into your album collection. You will both hear and feel the difference.

Audioconcept / POWER CABLE - LoRAD CS-EU
Audioconcept / ANALOGUE - EFF ISL
Audioconcept / ANALOGUE - DUAL/RCA
Audioconcept / DIGITAL - ZAC/MINI
Audioconcept / DIGITAL - ZAC/TOSLINK
Audioconcept / DIGITAL - TRICO/RCA-RCA